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June 21, 2005


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David Burt

Secure Computing has sold no licenses to any entity in Iran, and any use of Secure's software by an ISP in Iran has been without Secure Computing's consent and is in violation of Secure Computing's End User License Agreement. We have been made aware of ISPs in Iran making illegal and unauthorized attempts to use of our software. Secure Computing is actively taking steps to stop this illegal use of our products. Secure Computing Corporation is fully committed to complying with the export laws, policies and regulations of the United States. It is Secure Computing's policy that strict compliance with all laws and regulations concerning the export and re-export of our products and/or technical information is required. Unless authorized by the U.S. Government, Secure Computing Corporation prohibits export and reexport of Secure products, software, services, and technology to Iran and destinations subject to U.S. embargoes or trade sanctions.

David Burt, Public Relations Manager
Secure Computing®
1-206-336-1541 (Direct Phone)
1-206-683-9508 (Mobile Phone)
1-206-834-1788 (Fax)

Yishay Mor

Secure Computing's SmartFilter is used by Iran and Tunisia to violate freedom of speech. Secure Computing's PR manager, Dave Burt, denies selling software to Iran but admits selling it to Tunisia - while being aware of its use.

See details:



Thank you so much for your article!
The terorrist regime of Iran is doing every thing that they can to block the Information from the Freedom Iranina loving people but we should stop them from doing this!
Thank you,Korosh


Found you via a blog called "Love America First", to which I link. My first encounter with the Berkman center was through John Perry Barlow's site. Being an inveterate Deadhead, I was intrigued to discover that JPB had a blog and further intrigued by The Berkman Center. Keep up the good work!

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