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January 05, 2006


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» A thousand words .... from The Obvious?
The Power Of Photoshop [Read More]

» A thousand words .... from The Obvious?
The Power Of Photoshop Background here [Read More]

» Update on Microsoft's deletion of Anti's blog from The Peking Duck
Image lifted from this blog. Rebecca MacKinnon has an update that cites a wonderful post from Imagethief. He really captures my own feelings about this, better than I ever could. As for the "obeying local laws defense", I have... [Read More]

» Microsoft in China from 37sechsBlog
Weil Microsoft ein Weblog in China vom Netz genommen hat, sieht sich das Unternehmen nun dem Vorwurf ausgesetzt, zensiert zu haben. Die Kritik in den USA ist groß, wie allein diese Montage zeigt. Courtesy of Sheepdog, Photoshop, and TIME.com. [via... [Read More]

» Microsoft criticized for aiding Chinese censorship from Microsoft News Tracker
There’s also more at the blog of Rebecca Mackinnon, a Research Fellow at the Havard Law School’s Berkman Center for Internet and Society where the story broke, including a photoshopped picture that they won’t like in Redmond. ... [Read More]



The photo's hilarious! I just discovered your blog through a link to the Microsoft story. I've added it to my blog list.

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