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July 01, 2007



how about the idea of returning Hong Kong back to its original owner, the Province of Guang Dong?

By right, this should have been the case. However, the PRC government had separated Hong Kong from Guang Dong and given Hong Kong its own SAR.

This is illegal. The people of guang dong must rise up and retake hong kong back.

A referendum must instead be held among the residents of guangdon if Hong kong should be given its own government.


Student leader, Hou De Jian like Ma Lik had also denied that there was a massacre on Tiananmen. See the you tube video here at minute 5:57 onwards:


I will translate what Hou De Jian said in the video where he denies that there was a massacre on Tiananmen Square on June 4th in case some people do not understand Mandarin.

HDJ in the video said: "Many people say that on the Square were two thoudand or several hundreds that were shot to death. On the square were tanks that rolled over and crushed the students etc. etc. I wish to stress that this incident I had never witnessed. I was on the square until 6:30am and I did not witness this a bit. i kept thinking to myself, do we need to use lies to fight our enemies? Isn't the truth strong enough? Now, if we really use lies to fight our enemies, that will only satisfy our temporary anger and need. But this is dangerous for if your lies are exposed, you will never have the strength to fight your enemies.

"During a roundtable with members of the Hong Kong press in May, the subject of Tiananmen Square—a touchy topic for mainland stalwarts like Ma—came up. Ma lost his cool, started ranting, and ended up with his hoof in his mouth. The "massacre" that the Western press is always talking about never happened, he declared. It has never been proved that student protesters were squashed by army tanks! In fact, such a thing was impossible. "Why don't they try it on a pig and see if it can be squashed into a meat pancake?""

It seems like a lot of people in Hong Kong still have not saw this wonderful documentary. Please watch it, it is on youtube just follow my link.

Also, regarding the comment made by Chai Ling just before Hou De Jian at minute 5:32 about Tanks making the students pancake. Find out more about Chai Ling here:

Overall, I think the Chinese government did the right thing that day. The students on the square also did the right thing by dispersing. As a result, nobody died that night on Tiananmen Square. What went wrong were several outbreak from unorganized protests by workers in the surrounding areas that resulted in mini wars. For these mini wars, innocent lifes were also lost. given the show of constraint by the PLA shown throughout the drama, including the tank man photo where the tank didn't crush the man, it is likely that the mini wars were in fact started by rowdy crowds. there are also numerous video evidence showing tanks being burned which showed that the PLA was attacked.

For this, it is hard to have a clear discussion about Tiananmen because the people are not yet ready to swallow the truth. If we have a panel today, and the panel found that the government did the right thing, is that not just going to lead to more protest by those who disagree?

The only way we can have a frank discussion is for those who believe that students were crushed by tanks to be open minded enough to accept that they may be wrong about it, in light of evidence being presented to them.

Despite all the evidence that is available today, the Western press and journalists continue to paint a very simple picture of June 4th - Tanks rolling over students on the Square killing thousands -- when it in fact never happened.

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