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July 17, 2007



""community standards" in this case was determined by the community"

Community standards here also mean that all the KTV bars with part time prostitutes should be closed down. Has this happened yet in Hong Kong?

Laws must be equally applied to all citizens. We cannot have some citizens forbidden from posting topless photos, while other citizens are allowed to offer sex services.

hoyin lee

I think its a really bold decision for Oiwan to challenge the OAT through civil disobedience. she deserves to be praised and not penalized. This is not something we would see everyday in Hong Kong today. The OAT classified her photo as obscene but i think its just her point of view against the OATs.

what is this community/chinese values nonsense i'm hearing about all the time. they sure as hell dont represent me. i think censorship shouldn't be exercised by the government. If adults are so offended by the things they see on tv they can always change channels.For parents theres always the parentel control button. due to the advance in technology they can do that by easily using the parentel guide control or programs. i only stumbled accross this article because i was so bummed about hbo asia being censored. American hbo and hbo asia is 2 different things. Large portions of movies that i watch on hbo asia has been censored. They have managed to censor all the F words and nudity. think i'll just stick to dvds. i decide what i watch not the OAT.

Its not the first time the OAT has butchered art. there was a case in hong kong where a statues genitals has to be covered by a leaf. imagine the statue of david by Michael angelo with a leaf covering his genetials. The obscene article ordinance is like 2 decades old. i think its outdated. It should be amended.

If flicker doesnt respect our rights just stop using flickr then. theres photobucket and youtube and a bunch of other sites. Flickr is not the only site that provides photo sharing and uploading.

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