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September 11, 2007



Further proof, as if we needed any, that Chinese are devoid of humor.

funny videos

wow, great article, the Chinese government has been censoring sites for a long time. Even YouTube. How gay.


Excellent post, I can't help laughing all day thinking about this post. But please don't mind me nitpick, I think your pronounciation is wrong...

和谐 & 河蟹, should be prounced "her xie", with different intonation, not "he" xie.

seriously funny

one thing we can all agree on, is censorship is BS! great article

Gareth BFG

gigi - you are being sarcastic aren't you? Otherwise something is horribly wrong with your head...


It does`t matter what you say, the Chinese government has been controlling the mass media for a long time. I don`t know why you still stay in China, if you don`t like it very much. Funny thing is, there are so many foreigners who complain about China a lot, BUT, surprisingly, they still `SUFFER` in China. Here is a suggestion for you. Go back to you country, and enjoying make Growngate Second!


For folks that stumble on to this page - you may want to view the China Daily BBS, and this thread:


Is P.R. China infested with River Crabs?

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