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November 06, 2004


Phil Wolff

Is the blogosphere worth 3-5 minutes a day of a national candidate's time? In terms of money, attention, message?

If so, have the communications director ask the candidate a question or two each day. Something observational. ("Of the people you met today, who stood out?" "What could we have done better at our stump speech?" "What issue was top-of-mind at your last stop?" "What is the hardest idea to reduce to a sound bite that's important for your constituents?") Record it, transcribe it, et voila, a blog post.

Should work even better for local elections.

From here, just a small step to a daily Internet Radio Address, a daily "Candidate Diary", or campaign podcast. But don't forget the text transcript.

Phil Wolff

I've collected some of my lessons learnt here: http://dijest.typepad.com/eastbaypapers/.

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