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November 12, 2004



It's quite a piece. I commented on it here but the key point is this:

What Rebecca doesn't discuss is the effect of these sorts of choices made by the networks. It's my view that the intensity of coverage given such lurid -- but, to the State of the Union, largely irrelevant -- topics as gay marriage and the murder trial du jour has successfully distracted the public from serious issues of war and peace and the impending financial bankruptcy of the US. By raising firestorms of hatred against gays --a key factor in Kerry's defeat -- haven't the networks broken their trust with America to provide objective journalism? Doesn't CNN and the rest own some of the results of the past election?


Barry, you're right, the impact of these choices wasn't addressed in my essay because it's not something I was able to quantify. But it's absolutely key. I agree, CNN not only owns some of the results of the past election, but it and the rest of the U.S. media played a big role in making the Iraq war possible. Because they wanted it to happen. Management hoped it would be good for ratings and individual journalists anticipated that the war would be good for their careers.

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