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November 22, 2004



I understand what you said about the stress and pressures that a journalist under distress must face, and I not only sympathize with them but support and understand them completely. What I don't get is that while people empathize with the reporter for being under pressure, they seem to forget that the soldier there is also not having a cup o' tea in the garden. To acknowledge that the reporter is under extreme stress in that situation, but to not give the same leeway to the soldier who fears for his life is beneath you. Surely you understand that the reporter wasn't the only one dancing on his toes that day..


Thanks for your comment.
I do not think that this blog post belittles the stress experienced by soldiers. I think the military blogs are a great development and I hope DoD will allow them to continue... they give voice to what U.S. servicepeople are going through in a way no other medium can. I also agree, journalists don't generally do a good job at characterizing the emotional life of soldiers. Which is why it is great to hear directly from the soldiers themselves about their experiences.

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