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December 12, 2004



1. Blogs are very inefficient.

2. WIKI Web Interfaces allow what your call
"the collective voice" to not only come
together but merge into a common thread.

3. Meat-Space Conferences, like your recent
one in Boston are even more inefficient
and serve mostly to exclude people via
economic discrimination. There is another
world of "real Internet users" which you
likely will never visit or see.

4. Some of the people attending your
Meat-Space conference have spent their
entire careers creating Exclusionary
Structures, like the ISOC and ICANN.
They are control freaks, hiding behind

Luc Fayard

Please, please! Can you be more practical and concrete than in the sentences, very general and common, of your manifesto: I think that bloggers would appreciate. Tell me, who will not act for a "fairer and freer" world?

Jim Moore

Hmmmm. Gotta love those commenters!

I was not one of the conference organizers, but I must say it was about the most inclusive I have ever seen. To start with, it was free admission. It was in a very accessible city, Boston. Many of the guests who came from around the world had their travel paid for by various foundations, including special grants given just to make this conference inclusive.

The conference was web-cast, and the web-casts were archived and can non only be downloaded, but can be downloaded and distributed on CD.

The session that discussed the manifesto lasted for an hour and a half and an open irc chat channel was available for the entire time, and was displayed in front of the room.

Finally, I personally don't know of anything more inclusive and open than blogs, particularly those that allow open comments, as this one does.

Even food, if it must be purchased, can be a tool of economic discrimination. It is bad to be poor, and it is even more bad to be desperately poor. Yup.

Now, what was your point?


from _Terror in the Name of God: Why Religious Militants Kill_ by Jessica Stern (NY: HarperCollins, 2003) page 230:

"Asked about the biggest threat to their groups' survival, a militant says that 'free secular education for all' leading to an "increase in the literacy rate" is the gravest threat to the survival of the jihadi groups in Pakistan."

How about the globalization of local literacy through an integrated media program including Web/Net, TV, radio, video, hard copy, and word of mouth?

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