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December 04, 2004



There's also the problem that ICANN has, in the past, been somewhat less than effective (or, at the very least, has been perceived to be so), and thus has fallen off the radar of a lot of tech types.

For example, the ICANN story nowhere to be seen on Slashdot or BoingBoing right now...

Andy Carvin

Interesting post, Rebecca... Unfortunately, Internet governance is rarely seen as a hot topic amongst most media outlets. Similarly, other major policy discussions that are taking place leading up to next year's World Summit on the Information Society in Tunis get little coverage as well.

I was at the UN ICT Taskforce meeting in Berlin last month and saw little to no coverage in the US press; you had to read civil society sources like Worldsummit2005.org and APC.org to get any detail as to what's going on.

I'm thinking about setting up a WSIS bloggers website that would aggregate all the feeds of bloggers and civil society journalists covering WSIS. At the last WSIS there were only a handful of us blogging but I'm sure the next time around it'll be a much bigger event, including the two major planning meetings (prepcoms) set for this February and September... -ac


Andy, I think that's a really great idea. If you blog about this please remind me to link and make a big deal out of it. :-)

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