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December 20, 2004



Not to mention that you speak multiple exotic languages far better than most Americans speak English.


First step: get that pic off your blog!



No taking the photo off. That's not funny even in jest.


Why is that kind of thing intimidating? I'd think the best single guys would find it fascinating, a complement to their lives and that perhaps they could learn things from you. My wife has lived in 9 different states, moved 40+ times, held several different careers. Her experiences only add to the relationship, they don't detract. Were I myself single, I'd find you an amazing date, I'm sure and I'd hope that some of my life experiences would be less than boring as well.

Nick Lewis

That's funny, I have the same problem, but have a resume that consists of a management position at an ice cream store, yet :

Her: So Nick, what sort of things are you interested in?

Me: I'm interested in this beautiful entity that is emerging from the millions of minds from around the world that are connected to the Internet. In the 90's we thought the Internet was just another money making medium like TV, and mail order catelogues, only it was "new, therefore better". Today we realize that it is a powerful force that is beginning to shape our cultural identities, blur borders, and is even enabling revolutions in totalitarian regiemes. One visionary is calling it "the second superpower"... (she looks away while playing with her hair, obviously bored.)

Her: That's cool... (silence)

Me: so what are you interested in?

Her: Oh, you know, friends, parties, and my favorite TV shows [insert 5 mins of that sentence being reiterated in multiple ways]

Me: that's cool... (silence) ...waiter, get me another glass of wine.
Her: Me too!

The Moral of the Story: I don't think its that you're intimidating so much as you might be boring to boring people; and not suprisingly, you find yourself bored with those boring people. That is why god created alcohol: The cause and solution to all of life's problems.

Ruby Sinreich

Typical. Most heterosexual American men are either threatened by women who are their equal, or else they overly-romanticize the "strong woman." Either way, they can't deal with it.

Don't give up, though. I found a great, feminist man who appreciates my brain as much as my body. (Don't forget, the body is so critical for guys, it's just how they are wired.)

Lisa Williams

:) this was funny!

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