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February 02, 2005


Captain Ed

I know that posting this couldn't have been an easy choice. I think your loyalties to both the truth and Eason Jordan are commendable, FWIW.

Glen Wishard

Just to be clear, Davos reported Jordan as saying that he had knowledge of 12 journalists who were targeted and killed by US troops. If this is accurate, Jordan was talking about deliberate murder. Davos says that Jordan repeated the allegation, and got an enthusiastic response from part of the audience.

The context makes it clear that Jordan (if he said this) was not talking about accidents or friendly fire incidents, he was talking about murder. Is that consistent with what you heard?

Richard Heddleson

Thank you.


So Jordan is loyal and has good points. Lots of people who have done terrible things have been people with good points. Jordan has accused the US military of murdering journalists, essentially of using deadly force to prevent bad press. That is something that Saddam did, Hitler did, Stalin did, Putin did in his KGB days (and perhaps will do again)... it is NOT something the US military does. We are the good guys. Jordan is not just unable to differentiate; he has now identified us as the bad guys. If it is true that he said this and if he cannot back it with evidence, he should damn well resign in disgrace.

But nothing will happen.


What Ed said.

Thank you for speaking up.


I'm really confused here. This guy is allegedly a journalist? He says he knows of 12 other journalists who were deliberately murdered by the US miltary. And his network never reported it!!!! What are the names of these journalists, where were they killed, how were they killed? You know, who, where and how. Or don't we do this anymore?


Thank you.


The UCMJ is very specific about things like murder, about targeting of noncombatants, about conspiracy (the deliberate targeting of 12 different individuals is, by definition, a conspiracy unless one person did all the shooting).

Abu Ghraib is a walk in the park compared to this. And since most "journalists" were accompanied by cameras in Indian Country, it would be relatively easy to pull the bulk tapes of these incidents to see the 5 Ws. So if Mr. Jordan's assertions are true? Oeyh...

You have done a brave thing by backing up Forumblog's assertion, for it seems you have put yourself squarely at odds with the MSM. One need only contact Dick Morris or Bernard Goldberg to see what the prospects of that situation can or will be for you should this not be an accurate representation of Mr. Jordan's views.

My only advice - Don't let the blogosphere treat you like a speed bump.

Best of luck in what is going to be a very trying couple of days for you.

Chris Josephson

I want to add my thanks as well. Better put on flame retardant clothing. If this picks up steam, you'll need it.

You have shown a lot of courage.

David MacKinnon

Congrats on taking a principled stand - although I can't say I'm surprised, given your surname. Seriously, hang in there, the truth still counts for something in this world.

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