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February 09, 2005




Did you have a chance to read Jay Rosen's post with Richard Sambrook?

I commented on the Palestine Hotel incident there.

Rebecca MacKinnon

Yep I read the post but didn't catch your comment. Very useful links. Thanks.


I'm especially disappointed with CNN for the way they're running away from the story, hoping it will go away.

don't you mean the non-story that you are legitimizing? because the real story here is not what Jordan said or did not say, its how people like you and Jay Rosen legitimized this non-story, making it fodder for the mainstream media despite the fact that Rory's original post made it obvious that Jordan did not mean what he (may have) said.

People like you--- so-called "progressives" -- are a very large part of the problem. You remain in denial about the nature of the right-wing media, and try to deal with "issues" as if the right wing was not setting the agenda with regard to which "issues" should be discussed. You actually take rightloons like Hewitt, Jarvis, Reynolds, Cox, and "Hindrocket" seriously.

These people are NOT interested in civil discourse, because the first and most important element of civil discourse is intellectual honesty. But you'd prefer to deal with well-mannered propagandists than people who honestly and vehemently express their opinions. (I understand that Goebbels was consider very well mannered....)

Tom Grey

Please Please Rebecca, bring up the issues.

I already know I think Mr. Jordan should be fired, just as I think Mr. Rather should have been; and that Mr. Trent Lott should have been ... and that Pres. Nixon should have been impeached and gone to jail (and I voted for Carter to hold Ford accountable).

One of the main issues is this: when you take a picture, you're on one side or the other. There is no fence to be on, no true third party.

You can be for America/ Bush/ the invasion of Iraq/ democracy -- and STILL criticize specific acts. Or you can be anti-American, and still criticize the terrorist beheadings. But everybody is on one side or the other.

Mr. Jordan is anti-American, like most CNN, but trying to hide it.

Another issue: it MIGHT even be true that one or two or three of the journalists killed by coalition fire were "knowingly" killed; but almost certainly any such charge would have too little evidence.

p.luka -- intellectually honesty -- ha! The Left has long played Gotcha with every Rep politician -- but the powerful, non-voted for Jordan already confessed that CNN lied and kissed up to Saddam to get stories (April 2003); he should have been fired then. Jordan already claimed the US military was torturing journalists. (Off with his job!)

But OK, intellectual honest. Where is the tape??? Trent Lott lost his power for a comment about an old friend who, long ago, was almost as racist as Sen Bryd (former KKK Kleagle). The Left is NOT asking for the tape, for the truth. THAT is a story.

Unlike Dawn Eden, who lost her job at NY Post for editing in some true pro-life facts in story. She shouldn't have lost her job for that; unless it's the paper policy.


Where was the "media" when Eason first made the comments in November 2004? http://whatshappeningatcnn.blogspot.com/2004/11/cnn-exec-accuses-military-of-not.html


I would expect news directors of prominent news agencies to possess some semblance of capacity to manage their words and to self-monitor their comments in the context of political sensitivities inasmuch as we would expect from our politicians, particularly regarding subjects which involve American troops who are IN THE MIDST of performing dangerous operations AND DO NOT NEED more stress or ill-repute to follow each and every one of them around unjustly due to the careless behavior of a single "crusader" for journalistic truth. Eason Jordan should have had his facts in order before leaking his theory or his intuitive impression of what maybe might possibly have been going on. Maybe he's just a lousy journalist.

Kelly Ronald

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