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February 19, 2005



Bloggers should not be sensored... but there should be a code of ethics... A convention for blogging if you may! Great story, nightline...

Westway TX

Elaine of Kalilily

It was great to see some of the people that I met at one of the BloggerCons (Jim Moore, David Weinberger)still there in the middle of things at the Berkman. I think that the Nightline program demonstrated just how difficult it is to capture -- in such a short time -- the vast potential of blogging for the individual and for the culture. The one point that did get through, however, is what a potent force it is to help an individual make a difference, especially when it comes to government, where individuals seem to have so little power.

If I lived closer, still had my young-years energy, I would be right there with you all. Meanwhile, I watch from a distance and keep blogging.

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