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February 03, 2005


Steve Garfield

Thanks for the link.

I've already heard from someone in New Jersey who wants to do the same thing for a city councillor doen there.

Bill Holt

If you like politics and video art, visit www.dreamies.com. Everyday I publish a new music video aimed at the political. There's an easy to use calendar that let's you browse over 200 short clips. Dreamies® is a great daily compliment to the Drudge Report. Let me know what you think. Thanks.

Heath Eiden

Like political video blogging? Check out DeanTV.org to see where it all started! Thanks to Steve G. for reminding us that it all starts at the grassroots level!

Ralph Buckley

this is a must see for a political protest music video...if you'd like to view more please log on at

Conservative Politics

Political Video Blogs are good sources to be updated..Visit Conservative Politics For conservative Politics and its reviews. Nice video btw..

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