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February 02, 2005



Eason Jordan might as well change his name to John Deere with the amount of backfilling he and CNN have done on this E-mail and elsewhere.

Numerous other blogs have gone into much detail (Captains Quarters, Hewitt, etc.) on Mr. Jordan's, er, propensity to state that journalists are being "targeted" by the military - and not just the US military either.

In a contextual view of his past public statements and actions, coupled with this incident, Mr. Jordan has no business being the CEO of any sort of journalistic entity save for Al Jazeera or Reuters.

The Blogosphere smells blood in the water on this one. Rather and CBS thought they could wait out the storm, but CNN provides an even juicier target, courtesy of Ted Turner's recent rantings and ravings. It will be interesting to see CNN's position on this in approximately 48 hours, more so when Senator Dodd and Congressman "Franks" return from their nice little Swiss junket.


Three words, Eason: Release the transcript. Or, even better, release the videotape. (Okay, that's more than three words; so sue me.)

That will instantly stop this entire kerfuffle in its tracks ... unless he actually did say what he has been accused of saying.


EJ is a news exec--his job is to talk about the news, not make it. He is becoming a regular Martha Dean--a loose cannon who feels no need to reflect or filter his thoughts.

all of which would be no problem, except for the fact that he did a pretty scummy thing in cutting a deal with Saddam's henchmen.

I really think EJ's a really, really big liability about now. He says dumb things--and no one should rise and defend his Davos thoughts as nuanced or important--but he does dumber. what is keeping him on....ratings? CNN's ratings are becoming an open running joke. they dont have viewers in the US anymore--airports and people abroad. ANd people abroad often have a very different agenda for their news content.

he might have had your back once, but the man's time is past. And I say that as a reporter for an NYC daily.

nice blog.

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