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February 14, 2005



Lo! I blog myself
Love's current saturates me
Licentious ego

(Sonnets take too long; modern serenades must fit... between commercials)

Neils Christensen

Love is the only rock

Worth being pushed
To the top of the hill
Love is an engagement
Of perseverance and will

Love is a struggle
That can test your soul
Or that something you can’t have
If you too tightly hold

Love is a fire
That burns like white heat
That spurns all buyers
And dances to primal beats

Love is a thunderstorm
And a lightning strike
That’ll give you what you need
But maybe not what you like

Love is acceptance
And gentle forgiving
A process of simplicity
And everyday living

Love isn’t fair but isn’t fair weather
Love is steel lace and a leather feather

7:17 pm
transcribed this time
10:13 am

Neils Christensen

Love is a key

Love is a key
That can open up the skies
Is a rock to stand on
When you don’t know why

Is heat and passion
And happy delight
A shared silly moment
A reason to only fairly fight

A house that children
Can learn to love too
Where it is what you say
And in what you do

Love is a door
That is always there
It’s the deepest of mysteries
That something in the air

Love is awesome power a state of being
Seer and Seen one in the act of seeing

7:04 pm
transcribed this time
10:16 am

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