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March 08, 2005



Urban Guerilla Warfare.

The ritual killing, religion affiliated death cult called the Insurgency has killed many Iraqi civilians and Gov't officials.

Maybe Reuters could focus on the Rules of Engagement by the Insurgents. Maybe for a year or two.

By Andrew Marshall
BAGHDAD (Reuters)

(already implicated , embarrassment , controversy, over-zealous)



Rebecca: "But unfortunately, these journalist deaths are creating growing tensions between global media organizations and the U.S. military."

Do you think that these deaths are affecting news coverage out of Iraq? Not just American but others as well.

If so, can you point to a shift in coverage as a result of these deaths?

Since 5 times as many journalists and media workers have been killed by terrorists and and insurgents in Iraq, can you contrast the effect in the coverage?



there is a real fog of war here



Something I'd like to offer, food for thought, when consider journalists' framing of this issue (ties to ROE's comment):

The Calculus of Insurgency

Do you have thoughts on the media variable (local, national, international) in this calculus?

It exists. It has a value. What is it?

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