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March 11, 2005


Trevor Hill

This is very perceptive. I have been wondering for a long time why the occupation government in Iraq has not begun calling these actions 'criminal' or calling these people 'gangsters' or 'bandits' rather than terrorists...

In order to promote the perception of order, we need to promote the discourse of a civil society... When 3 people die in a murder here, we don't even call it a mass murder, let alone an 'insurgency'...

Nick Lewis

I don't know Naidoo's claim is really that radical... relatively speaking. Which sounds more like fiction:

1. Governments will eventually come around to the whole "human rights" thing... Regardless of the that governments tend to represent (forgive the Marxist overtones) the interests of those that have the most wealth; and regardless of the fact that UN is basically a worldwide coalition of those moneyed interests which we tend to accept as "a nation state"; eventually, the UN and the world governments will come around... Its their destiny! Don't you remember the UN charter?


2. The UN and our governments are structurally incapable of enforcing any sort of international morality. This structural fault is two-fold
a. Generally, what interests control the world's governments?
b. How will those interests interact on the international stage?

Thus, if people want change, their best and quickest option is to work (or fight) for it themselves. The UN can only write a nasty letter when it gets angry. The masses , on the otherhand, can make even the most powerful governments crumble once their presense is felt. Look at Russia... look at Ukraine... just to name a few. They are both a powerful reminder as to who is really in charge.

I really am not communist, btw. I'm just tired. :-)

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