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March 03, 2005


Jon Garfunkel

RMacK-- thanks for taking the hits going to all these yakfests while we out here on the net do the doing...

Seth Finkelstein

"Time to stop yakking about the future of news and media and time to start actually doing some stuff"

Ah, but doing is sooo difficult ... while talk is sooo easy ...

Will the wikified netizenry engage in an emergent paradigmatic reinvention of the democratic post-blogerist society? Let's discuss! :-)


well, at least you had the sense to keep this one as quiet as possible, given the list of invitees.

(Ann Marie Cox? C'mon McKinnon, can we get serious here. Why not invite someone doing REAL journalism and blogging, like Dave Niewart?)

Rebecca MacKinnon

Dude, give me a break. I did not organize this conference and had nothing to do with who was invited. I'm just a plain vanilla participant this time.

Wonkette isn't here anyway.


Sorry Rebecca, I was using "you" in the collective sense -- the "academic bloggerati elite" that controls access to these kinds of conferences, and thus controls the nature of the ideas expressed there.

And, Ann Marie Cox may not have been there, but she was listed as one of the participants on the official website....

so I think you should give me a break here.

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