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April 23, 2005



Really interesting stuff. Did you find an entrepreneurial spirit there, compared to all the other places you've been? Based on a friend's account and yours, I get that impression.

quixote  http://acid-test.blogspot.com/

You truly have a wonderful blog. Interesting and mind-expanding: what journalism really ought to be. It's been fascinating to read about your travels because of the way you manage to give a feel for the places you've been. Your pictures are very useful for that too.

However, the main reason I wanted to comment was to say that I've been tickled to make use of some of the nifty gizmos I first saw on your blog, and to thank you for how easy you make this. (eg the Flickr Zeitgeist photo thingy) Your links have been at least as useful as your blog itself. Great job.


Excellent blog, Rebecca. As expected. Made my way here via noodlepie.

In response to AF, I am currently based in Saigon and think there's a definite entrepreneurial spirit.

For example, just down the street, there's a new shop selling clothes for plus-size women. Clever for the present because most shops here carry sizes too small for the average tourist. And they are probably looking to the future too because McDonald's is slated to enter the Vietnam market either this year or sometime soon. The resulting growth in size of the local population is a given.

The wealthy are opening branches selling luxury or high-end goods like Furla (newly opened this month) in anticipation of socioeconomic growth. Ordinary citizens have the spirit too. I taught my domestic helper how to make pizza and her crust is now even better than what's available in the restaurants here. She has plans to open a pizza joint for locals (maybe as street food). I may invest.

Amanda Watlington


Really enjoyed this post! Vietnam is for many of my generation frozen in time -- a very painful time. It is tribute to the Vietnamese that they have moved on so successfully. The photo's are beautiful.


Sidney Tran

Great site. I really like your commentary about the present political conditions in contemporary Vietnam. I really hope the country change. The people really do deserve so much better!

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