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April 18, 2005


Pierre Andersson

Thanks for an interesting post.

After two years living in Hanoi I must say that the liberation from China, France and the US *is* an important part if the national identity. The ruling party still has some legitimacy in the eyes of the people because they were the ones that made the country independent.

However, as you say, this is changing. The generetion that is growing up now does not have much of a emotional connection to the war or to the pre-war colonial times. You are also right that vietnamese people, regardless of generation, very seldom show any bitterness, even towards former enemies. Even if the past is important everyone seems to be looking forward.

Paul Malingowski

If you get a chance, vist Mytho, south of Saigon. It was a beautiful city. Maybe you could say something about how it is now?

Stephen M. St. Onge

Thanks for a very interesting and thoughtful post.


Joe Katzman

The fear of China may have something to do with the armed hostilities back in the 1980s. Not to mention the whole business of the nearby Spratley Islands and the implications of China's naval buildup.

China, meanwhile, worries about who might take up residence in the old Cam Ranh Bay, so close to its resource lifelines.

More here, in China's Stresses, Goals, Military Buildups... and Futures

ip location

Thanks for a very thoughtful post.

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