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April 04, 2005


Pito Salas

Rebecca, did you ever see Peggy Noonan's piece on the topic?


BBC link is not a link to Global Voices but to invasive advertising.

Expect no help from established media.


Jon Garfunkel


Goodness gracious, I wanted to hear more about the charges of racism at CNN, about your experience in Tokyo being told to report "more like a tourist." That's interesting.

But then you dip into blog triumphalism. It's tiring. No one has yet pointed out where participatory media can meet the values that the old media has lost. Cable news is derided as being too immediate and not offering the necessary long perspective. So amateur video comes along in the wake of the tsunami disaster, and what can one say about it? It's faster than cable news. What is really the news value if Jeff Jarvis can watch tsunami video over the Internet right away?

One of the best developments, I feel, in recent era has been PRI's The World (Clark Boyd's occasional fawning over blogs nonwithstanding.) Per-cost and per-bit, I'd make the claim that it's far superior than video news.

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