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May 28, 2005


Lisa Williams

One thing I don't understand that maybe y'all could shed some light on is this: I understand why the Chinese are mad at the Japanese regarding past war crimes. But why has it come to a head now? What's different?

Rebecca MacKinnon

It's because Japan has recently published textbooks that don't acknowledge Japanese warcrimes, and Japanese politicians continue to visit memorials to Japan's war dead which include convicted war criminals. The Koreans are pissed off too. See: http://news.xinhuanet.com/english/2005-05/27/content_3012603.htm
For one of many stories about why they're pissed. A google news search on "japanese war crimes" will bring you a large number of articles on the subject.

Paul Denlinger

There is a good article in today's Financial Times by Ian Buruma about some of the domestic factors in Japan which are making the Japanese take a fresh look at WWII.


Lisa Williams

Thanks. My reading keeps referring to it but never saying "why". I think I need to subscribe to new stuff -- off to Global Voices!


"It's because Japan has recently published textbooks that don't acknowledge Japanese warcrimes"

Correction. It'snot recently, but even since post WWII, Japan never ever did acknowledge Japanese invasion and murdered of Chinese in their textbook.

It get diluted and more diluted with each version of thier history text.

Frankly, the visit to the memorials is not big deal. It's realfor the visit that's affecting the relationship. Japan PM continues to visit the war memorial because of election promised to power group mostly children & supporters of convicted war criminals. These people are pushing for a greater Japan military power and they never admit WWII as invasion.

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