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June 03, 2005



The gravest action a government can take to surpress free speech is to kill a freely speaking person. No 'order' is stable that relies on the murder of citizens to be maintained.


it was a nightmare.rebecca,take care,maybe the great fire wall is coming soon ; - )

Guan Yang

My father told me that if you go to Tiananmen Square at night, you can hear the ghosts crying.


when it happened i was a child.mom told me that Dexiaoping kills a lot of students.i hate the communists!!!!!!evil!


Father informs me of this event when i was a child,i am a college student now,however,i think the student is very dull,They do not play arrive at role to Chinese social development course.And i am a Communist,I do not feel I am evil.You do not know domestic condition now,so,please,close your fucking mouth

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