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June 10, 2005



; - )
TV reporter-turned-blogger
sounds interesting

Doug Kenline

Good interview. Thank you very much. I am interested to learn exactly how you recorded the call.

What did you use to record this telephone conversation?

I understand that you used Skype to make the call but I don't understand how you recorded the call.

Excellent work. Thank you very much.

Hans Suter

it's audio hijack, you can download it here: http://www.rogueamoeba.com/.

Rebecca explained it already ;-)

Rebecca MacKinnon

Doug & Hans,
On a Mac you can use AudioHijack Pro, but on a PC you need to use HotRecorder (www.hotrecorder.com). HR records into a proprietary format which can only be converted if you buy their $15 premium version which comes with a program to convert to .wav format.

Doug Kenline

10-4 thank you.

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