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June 29, 2005



I heard that typepad was unblocked but blogs is not. source: http://thehorsesmouth.blog-city.com/read/trackback/1360017.htm


We've been hearing as well that some TypePad.com sites are accessible, but not some on blogs.com. Our engineering team is working to see if there's a technical solution we can use to route around the problem, but it's likely any service hosting significant amounts of web content can be blocked fairly easily at the government level in China.


Actually, if you had bothered to do just a little bit of research on this, you would have found that Typepad sites are not completely being blocked as they are accessible in Shanghai as well as Chengdu, where I am.

As for the RSS feeds, when a site is blocked it generally affects the RSS and Atom feeds as well.


Clarificatioin: XML and ATOM feeds are blocked through RSS readers. You can still access them through third-party hosts.

Rebecca MacKinnon

Thank you Gordon for the clarification on the feeds. Duly corrected. As for my alleged failure to do adequate research, I appreciate your added information. When I wrote this post, it was because Anil, a Typepad staffer, had announced on the Typepad blog that "all Typepad blogs" are blocked in China. Some bloggers in China were telling me the same. So I took Typepad's word for it, assuming they had checked out the situation thoroughly before making a blanket announcement. Now Anil has clarified that not all seem to be blocked. That obviously changes things. It's great that everybody blogging from different parts of China can help set the record straight.


To be clear, it appears the status changed between when the original post was made and when I posted my comment here.



Noted. From my observations, it would appear that they are targeting these sites from a local level. I have been able to access every Typepad hosted site that I've tried to open - except yours (without a proxy).

While I can access Typepad sites, some of my readers from other provinces are reporting that they are still blocked in their localities.

As I experienced yesterday and this morning, they have also taken a liking to blocking access to chat rooms which they do not have control over and they are watching it very closely.


How to get access to Typepad that did not block.


China will eventually allow more content


I stumbled across your blog while I was doing some online research. I had the privilege of living for many years in Eastern countries, and I am truly dismayed about this development. I had hoped China was getting more open. Guess I was wrong.

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