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July 02, 2005


Matthew Sheffield

Thanks for keeping on this story, Rebecca. BTW, did you see this LA Times piece on Hong Kong media?


Blogger ZhiZhaiTianKong (止斋天空) ..... says "we can't and don't need to access all information"

This is just like all the people in america who think they only need to watch fox news to be informed.

I guess the fact that I lived for more than 11 years in China total.....

Then you're probably also not suprised by ZhiZhaiTianKong's reaction. Their system tells them about the greatness of their people... if you don't have the genes you're always an outsider. Does this kind of thinking ever discourage you about actually achieving a global conversation?

I just wish my chinese was as good as yours.

Stratification Watch

First, ZhiZhaiTianKong may not express true thoughts within the realm of censorship.

Second, the Chinese Underworld has got to get the MSG (and the sugar) out of the food in these restaurants! It's driving the uninformed customers crazy and sick!

This can be done by making MSG, in Chinese restaurants, a seemingly ridiculous and silly national movement with multiple Websites. This will garner Media attention. Perhaps a "Million MSG Victims March" could be organized. A Boycott of Chinese goods and services would be a powerful attention getting move.

Now the focus is on China.

This would be the time to focus on censorship in China. A group of people would then post comments and topics at DemocraticUnderground and DailyKos. Each post must begin with condemnation of the War On Terror (WOT) or something to the effect of lost freedoms/take back the US from fascists. Once these "truth terrorists" get hold of the idea they'll go to work like unleashed locusts! Just remind them that China buys alot of US debt.

At this point the topic of anonymous proxies is repeatedly raised at DU and DKos. Detailed instructions on Proxy use must be repeatedly included. Once again these little marxists will disseminate.

You're now focusing on Anonymous Proxies AND China. People will talk.

By using a twofold attack on the Chinese Gov't they'll be embarrassed and off balance. People will talk. The conversations in China will shift to Anonymous Proxies thus raising the knowledge base.

Soon the Internet will be filled with Chinese catblogs!

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