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July 04, 2005



Sorry this is not directly linked to the post above but its been something that has been bugging me since I started reading this blog. I guess, an American lecturing on freedom and democracy is an uneasy concept these days (as normally all these are simply justifications for war). Anyway, the other reason is that to non Americans, it does appear that press freedom is somewhat curtailed in the USA these days. Even if most of the censorship is self imposed. Anyway, I was prompted to write this following reading this today:


But other examples follow:

One being George Galloway's remarkable senate testimony which disappeared from senate records afterwards:


The fact that what Galloway said to the senate shocked everyone so much was as a result of the self censorship culture in America. His truths had never been heard before.

More censorship info here:

Not to mention:

Rebecca MacKinnon

Thanks for the comment, Omih. I understand your concerns. I agree we have a problem of self-censorship in the U.S. too. In fact, that's the main reason why I quit CNN.


Well, freedom of internet... in general, I agree with the text of Declaration. But in some way, i think... what should we do with porno sites, for example? Are they going to possess this freedom?

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