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July 21, 2005


Lisa Williams

They had to cut it back?

What, they have a pixel budget?

Silly. Dumb old scarcity thinking brought over from other media to this one, where it doesn't apply.

If they were worried that the list of affiliations would make the article longer than people would read, they could A) put it in a sidebar or b) put it behind a "more" link.


I knew if we let you in you would bring to bear all the power of your Machiavellian machinations to usurp me and seize The Bugeyed Throne of the Great Rodent Kingdom for yourself. Continue to scuttle about in the crepuscularity. I'm on to you now!

Also, I wrote for these guys like six times and at least two editors know I'm involved (however tangentially) with the CPB.

I suspect they've all been huffin' gas.

Amy Gahran

Hi, Rebecca

Yeah, these mistakes are bound to happen in any medium -- from a mainstream news org down to a blogger, and beyond. But it just goes to show – online media allows for instant and complete corrections. Print and broadcast generally don't.

I see that Newsweek did correct this ID error in their online edition. I wonder if that correction will also make it through to the version that gets archived in electronic databases such as Lexis/Nexis. Usually that doesn't happen.

- Amy Gahran

Seb Lee

I say shame on Newsweek. There's no excuse for sloppiness in news reporting, writing and editing. All rookie reporters know they must get basic information such as names, etc., right. Send the editors back to journalism school.

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