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July 20, 2005



Ugh. I hate it when people rip off other people's writing. It's always done from places the thief thinks are too unimportant for anyone to notice. Maybe the "blogs are just a topic" journalists could take a page from bloggers. Nothing wrong with quoting -- even titles, even a lot of someone's article -- if you've got the lychees to give credit where it's due.

Hans Suter

hope you don't feel flattered by AA, I wouldn't.


Is what Cisco and Microsoft are doing any different to what Rupert Murdoch does in growing his media empire. Namely cosey up the heads of state (whether elected or not) and make promises (of either censorship in dictatorships or support in democracies) and sit back and collect the rewards.

Not saying I condone either but if we're talking about absolute free speech then the net has to be cast wider than just the Internet.

Jon Garfunkel

and again, as I've pointed out before, if they went the TypePad/Blogger route, they'd be blocked entirely. Now 9 out of 10 free-thinking people might say that MSFT was doing this purely to gain market share, but I'll say that they're keeping lines of communication open.

I won't defend Cisco, though.


It's certainly possible that she ripped you off. But couldn't it be simply that she played off the same well-known, hardly obscure phrase?

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