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August 28, 2005


sun bin

I think your post should be read by all the western reporters. :)

btw, how could furong be translated into hibiscus?


China appears to be trying to skate down the same road the old Soviet Union went down. Be nice if the results were the same.

It was the fax machine that did the Soviets in, the Internet will do the favors for the Chinese.


Interestingly, while Furong Jie Jie's star has faded (for whatever reason), fellow net celebs "Back Dorm Boys" stars continue to rise with an endorsement deal from Motorola: http://motomp3.tom.com/houshenansheng.html . These guys seem to be legitimately talented, or at least entertaining. http://y.sina.com.cn/focus/housheboy/. I think the Chinese net is now or will very soon be a vehicle to launch "homegrown" stars into the main stream.

George Bezel

It's too bad the Chinese feds didn't shut down Jie Jie. It would have proved they have taste.

she should really be shamed what she did in front of the whole china.

是个变态。得到了应有的下场。公众的普遍对furong jie jie的坏印象到现在还有余留

even someone write a song to against her. but she still think she is the most beautiful woman in the china. mental health problem lead her to go crazy. and that is most common opinion about jie jie in china

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