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September 21, 2005


David C. Manchester


I just wanted to let You know that just as I created an all-in-one-file version of this handbook at http://thewall.civiblog.org/rsf, I just completed my own personal account.

I did this without being asked by Reporters Without Borders, because I thought it was apropos, and needed to be done. I wrote the article "Personal Account - Earth: Blogging and the Emergence of DotCommunism" partly because it intersected with the topics, but mostly because I needed to tell this story... I have held it back for too long, and writing it was good therapy.

I have also linked to it from the html version, again, without explicit request or permission from RSF.

It may be found at http://thewall.civiblog.org/rsf/pa_earth.html .

There is a mirror at democracywall.org/rsf/ .

I hope it is useful.




Gobal Voices Online ha anunciado la publicación del Handbook For Bloggers and Cyberdissidents (versión pdf) editado por Reporters Without Borders. El comentario de GV incluye una detallada descripción de los participantes (una combinación de periodista...


The Handbook for Bloggers is useful for beginners and veteran bloggers alike. It starts out with several introductory chapters, explaining how blogs differ from other kinds of websites, blogging terminology, how to select a blogging tool and web-host, and how to get started. The middle chapters focus on tips that even veteran bloggers will find useful. Journalist, blogger and We the Media author Dan Gillmor tackles the issue of journalistic credibility and standards. Journalist Mark Glaser offers tips on how to "make your blog shine." I learned a lot from the chapter on how to get your blog picked up by search engines, written by internet consultant Olivier Andrieu.

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