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October 05, 2005



I thought this had some excellent point - sorry for late comment, I only just noticed it.

In particular I agree with the concept of "serial obsessions", there is a race to see who can be the most outraged and the media whips everything into a frenzy - often with the most over the top solutions to any problem getting the most air time.

Just written about Avian Flu - here in Vietnam there is no informatin. But the internation media are in some ways worse. No one is willing to say what the likelihood of human to human outbreak is.

Is it another serial obsession, is it another Sars that will disintergrate to nothing? Is it a new millennium bug that will achieve nothing but making a lot of people very rich.

What annoys me is the inability to get coverage for good causes unless a clebrity is involved. The news is war, famine, natural disasters - and celebrities. That is all.

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