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October 09, 2005



-I think that communist control in China will dissolve as the people discover the wealth associated with free markets.
-It appears that "the party" has no plans of going peacefully.


This is a most favored trade nation. This is a nation than that intends to destroy liberty within its borders but also into Taiwan, Nepal and Tibet, They have only got more restrictive on basic human rights since Tiannamin Square.


communism has a lot of blood on its hands, and I have a feeling there's gonna be a lot more before it finally meets its own inglorious ultimate demise...


via Oiwan (InMediaHK): "Lu Banglie has been sent back to his home in Hubei province. He is alive but his exact condition is unknown."
Octber 10, 7pm.


RFA Mandarin service interview with Lu Banglie (in Chinese):



Sorry! I messed up the last post. The link to the RFA interview with Lu Banglie can be found here


AND you can rest assured, in the best traditions of the illegitimately vaunted 'Chinese Culture', the rest of the billion or so comprising the herd of the Imperial Farm of China, will in respect of their most honoured ancestors, turn the other cheek in apathy and bury their faces in whatever bowl of innards they are busily working on.

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