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November 07, 2005



Thank you for bringing us this information.

I will have to think about celebrating the gains rather than seeking instant results.

If I understand your point, this is not a short term movement; but rather a societal change from industrial hierarchy to networks of relationships.

That implies a great deal of time needed for resolution.


Internet will never bring down the communist party. For the past 20 years, the party has been leading China to right direction of development. As a Chinese, I prefer stabilization and development to some uncontrolled speech freedom. China is always changing, but not by thus way.

TM Lutas

xiaobo - What will bring down the communist party will be the time when it is a major obstacle in the hopes and dreams of a critical mass of the people who are empowered (by technology and what freedoms already exist in the PRC) individuals. The PRC needs these empowered individuals to make the economy run, to create the jobs that will enable the countryside to empty out and for living standards to rise for everybody (avoiding the peasant revolution scenario). They cannot do their job if they are kept weak.

To keep power, the party must hand out enough power to enable its overthrow. This is the fundamental contradition of the free world and at the heart of it is building a trust network that spans the entire polity.

The turn, the end of the current order will come when the party stands in the way of the people. By CCP ideology, this will never happen. By historical analysis, this always happens. It is just unpredictible when it will happen.

If the CCP is very lucky, they'll be tossed out on their ear in a US style conservative revolution. They won't be killed. They won't be dispossessed. They'll even be able to participate fully in the new order. They just won't be able to monopolize power. I don't see a better outcome than that.

Ching CHIAO 喬敬

The flickr URL in the article should be:

Thanks for this wonderful post and look forward to keeping in touch with you.

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