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November 19, 2005



It was an honour and a pleasure to meet you and have you with us in our meetup.

We all really enjoyed your company and had a great time talking to you.

Looking forward to meeting you again soon :)


it was a plaisure meet you in tunisia!
i love your blog!

i agrée with subzero; i hope meeting you soon


I'm really sorry for missing that meetup. I was really busy with all my Youth Caucus friends and guests.

PS: Rebecca, a lot of tunisians are blogging in english too.


Salam!I dont know what we tunisians could be blogging about!!So Iam glad 2 share thoughts,and facts with you guys here in this tunisian blog
As tunisian first I like talking about tunisia,THE HOMELAND!!
tunisia is country dominated by 3 majors paties,and governed by only one, which was a proxy of an old party,so it was a clear that the country has 3 different approch and thinking about issues and not the core belief of each party.Now you see the swamp.but is contained!!!The liberal elite party in the country fail miserably in bringing solutions 2 PEOPLE,bc the weakness of their fudamentals,they just follow and not lead.The Sd party is talking what's left idealogically,and they are a small number!!Then The 3 third one is The rest. I personally included!
Idont really believe that being liberal is a good thing 2 be labeling ur opponent!!!being liberal is being riding a lost racehorse.

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I really missed my opportunity to be there at the time of meeting.But now from next time I really want to show my presence there.

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