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November 16, 2005



Kieren McCarthy is also doing a good job from Tunis:



Hi, Just crusied inb your blog. I like it!! EThan Zuckerman was supposed to get in touch with me about a Blogger's dinner. If you do read this before you see him, could you please let him know that Emmanuel Bensah, staying at Hotel Oscar, rue de Marseille, wondered why you never got back to him after informing him of the appetite-whetting blogger's dinner.


My site is http://ekbensahinghana.blogspot.com, as well as the one listed above. Thanks!!

Markus Beckedahl


where can i find the room 3103 of expo3? i tried to ask for it, but there is no information available at the info-desks, where expo2 is and that the number 3103 exists.

ciao and thanks,


Regarding Mr Schmid's comments, I was at Ted Global this year to hear Sasa Vucinic speak; he said that 85% of the world's population lives without free media. I am not sure where that figure comes from or how it is defined, but if anyone should know it is him. That is an astonishing number.

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