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December 05, 2005



Martin indeed said that FON hasn't spent a cent on marketing and advertising. However it's just that they did not spend a dime on traditional/mass advertising. But come on! their logo on the conference sponsors list, all the tags and goodies sporting their colors here didn't come for free. They ARE spending money on marketing and ads, just differently than with his previous start-ups.

Rebecca MacKinnon

Point taken padawan.


What a great idea! When is it coming to the US? Huh? Huh? I want to sign up *now*. (I wonder what nastiness Verizon will pull out of its weapons closet to fight this?)

It's also interesting how many new developments no longer start in the US. New cell phones appear first in South Korea. Stem cell research is shifting elsewhere. Now the best idea in wifi comes from Spain. I wonder if the god-guns-and-guts mentality has just set us back, or put us out of the running entirely? Time will tell.

Mathew Ingram


Have you come across the comments from Glenn Fleishman of WiFiNetNews.com, which he posted on Om Malik's blog (at gigaom.com)? He seems pretty skeptical about the FON idea, I think in part because of coverage issues, the difficult of managing such a shared resource and -- last but not least -- the fact that the terms of service most people sign with their ISPs expressly forbid sharing a network connection in that way. Any thoughts?


Hey, what's going on? The trackback from my rather respectable blog (changingway.net) doesn't show up here, but a comment from "penis enlargement" (perhaps not his real name) does?
Andrew, aka Baffled in Boston.

Rebecca MacKinnon

Andrew, I'm afraid not all trackbacks show up on Typepad blogs for some reason... while other undesirable ones do, then I have to delete them.

Mathew, sorry for the delayed response.. been on the road. To answer your question about ISP's, FON will be building partnerships with ISP's that do not forbid resale in their user agreements.


about fon: i don't think that Varsavsky nice idea need to involve the word money (at least, when you are obtaining profit from resources other person is paying for). that's the reason why i am collaborating in a project named WiFree

WiFree is open source and is based on a fully non-centralized P2P authentication and reputation model so you can share your bandwitdh limiting freeriders. by using WiFree in your router you can be sure when you open your wireless hotspot!

there's a version for linux and the linksys wrt54g family too.

we propose a simple model: you get internet access from any WiFree hotspot if you also provide WiFree access to other users in a fair way

you can have a look and get the WiFree from http://www.wifree-project.net

have a nice wifree!!

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