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December 02, 2005



Nothing to do with the above but wondered what your thoughts are about the following news item:

"The US military in Iraq has implicitly admitted that it is running a campaign to plant articles in Iraqi papers aimed at improving its image in the country.

"The Los Angeles Times said the Pentagon had secretly paid Iraqi newspapers to run articles reflecting well on the US."

We hear a lot about free speech especially in countries where it is limited but is this worse than cutting off methods of communication?

My belief is that blogs are growing in popularity because of the toothless nature of modern media. I think there is an increasing view that the content is ruled not by editors (alone) but by advertisers, PRs, pressure from governments, money men etc. What we are seeing in Iraq is an extension of this.

That's always been my problem with this weblog. You concentrate on issues overseas but the problems with modern media are not limited to just non-democratic organisations.

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