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December 04, 2005


farid pouya

very nice writing. I think a problem with bloggings, is there is no ethic code to respect.I mean I can write anything that I want about anybody and I am not considered responsible because I am a blogger. I think there is a problem here.Talk with u more in london


I agree. There is also very little in the way of investigative blogging. It's 99.9% comment. Us bloggers are still relying on conventional media to find the facts. Not everything can be tracked down by google.

The likes of Pilger and Palast have websites but i'd love to see something more akin to a blog. Blogs may get to the bottom of news items or come across a different spin but they rarely find out anything new for themselves.

Can you imaging the boost to the world of blogdom if the next story that rocked a president or a prime minister was a blog exclusive?


Was fantastic to have you here with us Rebecca, thanks, you rocked the stage as always ! See you soon, I'll try to make it on the 10th but quite unsure yet.

Lisa Williams

Right on. If you really want to do journalism, don't let a little thing like not getting a job stop you. Just forge ahead, make something of your own; it's that (hate this word but) brand that will get you hired. Maybe not at conventional salaried gigs, but after working for yourself you might find that the office politics slog isn't so attractive anymore, you might find that you like working for yourself. If not, you're still in a great position for those traditional jobs, by demonstrating that you're a go-getter.


@ omih




Rebecca, I do agree with you that the journalism school should teach us enterpreneuial. I graduated from the journalism school in the university of Hong Kong; then I could tell it will be a waste of time if you couldn't lean the enterpreneuial spirit there.

But as to bloggers, I don't think they should be responsible for fact-checking at the current time. First, the strength of their voices is limited, which means the stories with errors couldn't affect that much; Also, the more important, the blogsphere have a special systematic balance, which is to renew itself with more right voices; other bloggers will find one's mistake easily, which will decide its self-balancing character. In the blog world, all people could do is to tell what they think.

The reason for big media to do fact-checking is that not many peers could point out the wrong in the stories immediately, or in a proper time interval; Nor do its readers. But internet could do that.

See CBS's case with Bush II's record. That will always happen in the blogging world, or more accurately, Internet.

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