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January 12, 2006



maybe the U.S. Congress's hearing plan more effective than the petition of RWB. wait and see.but the root of evil in CCP.

Don Marti

I hope these don't turn into "isn't censorship bad, let's all be real regretful that we can't do anything about it without unconstitutional speech restrictions" hearings.

Congress does have tools that it can use to discourage companies from participating in foreign censorship schemes, and it would good to see some of them come up.

First of all, it's obvious to me that the only thing the US government is interested in is promoting CCP bashing on Chinese soil.

On the technology side, there's nothing that we have that they cannot replicate or do better. So any legislation will only negatively impact the bottom line of US companies, and not the desired affect of promoting free speech in China.

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