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January 03, 2006



The story on typepad seem to be that the company has changed its IP-address and then by accident unblocked itself. Untill it is over, of course.


Hey now, go easy. Bill Gates is 1/3 of Time's Person of the Year. No way would a major news organization lionize a filthy communist enabler.


Bit strange. I always considered Microsoft as Nazis, not communists :P. LOL, just kidding!


Bill Gates is a Commie Nazi.


Here's an interesting question;

Does a Chinese blogger, living in China, have American First Amendment freedoms on servers in America?

I.e. are Consitutional Rights applicable based on where the server is? Or the author? Or the reader?

This is a curious thing because I don't believe, though IANAL, that Constitutional Rights are bound by citizenship or nationality as long as location involves US territory.

So.... Is MSN guilty of violating this blogger's First Amendment Constitutional Rights?


"Is MSN guilty of violating this blogger's First Amendment Constitutional Rights?"

I'm no lawyer either, but I don't think so. MSN is a private company, and it's their software, so they can allow or not allow people to post whatever they see fit.


what makes people think Bill G knew anything about this before it happened? afterall, ms is a corp giant incapable of accomodating change and the unexpected. surely the layer upon layer of mgmt will take days to get this right. right?


"We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness." And so forth.

MSN is a private corporation and incapable of violating anyone's Constitutional right to self-expression (it says "Congress shall not," not "American companies shall not") but it's still despicable and immoral for them to cater to a totalitarian government's demands for aid in subjugating a billion people. This goes to first principles, not legislation -- this is just wrong, and they deserve to be castigated for it.

Markus In Sweden


Did Bill just put the first amendment in the trash can?



Ok, I've been thinking about this kind of problem for a while. The solution is a bit odd, but probably doable.

Make a peer-to-peer serverless blog distribution program. Something like bittorrent but where the seed files could be emailed around and wouldn't have to reside on a server that could be blocked. Further, the seeding files could be updated by the original author (based by say a hash). Should it be done without any attempt at misdirection mapping the thing out would be hard but not impossible. However, should someone paranoid enough write the thing, it might be a little harder (especially if the program evolved on a regular basis).

If enough people would participate, it would be pretty much impossible for the Chinese government to go after them. Worse for the Party, the authors could actually be anonymous.

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