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January 03, 2006


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slashdot :) (first to say)

A typical guy.

How would FBI react if someone propose Texas or California separation? And when such separationism movement threatens the unity of the USA, shouldn't someone do something?
The last time I remembered, we had a civil war that killed many people and left our country divided for years even after the end of the war. That's why today in America, we deeply believe in "United We Stand", as seen on so many bumper stickers all across the country.

I hope you can understand that Chinese government may do things that seem difficult for you to agree, and yet Chinese government's responsibility is to its people and society, not to some foreign organizations or individuals.
Thinking that Chinese government and Chinese people should allow some separationism movement and the illusion that such movement can benefit Chinese people are simply reflections of one's arrogance.

In US, we won't allow people to divide us. We will NEVER allow black Americans to separate themselves to form a Black America. We will NEVER allow a country to divide into two. By the same token, we should not expect others to swallow what we cannot. I don't go to Harvard, one of the world's best university, but I do hope that our nation's future leaders at least understand such simple concept: the only way for America to prosper forever is to treat others the way we want to be treated.


sites are like whining over "freedon of expression" in China? and saying the companies are bad? give me a break---what do THE CHINESE prefer--that they have no access at all or censored access? if you were given a choice? something is better than nothing----I'm sorry, this is democrat bitches in the media whining again cuz they want China to fall and cuz they have been deeply anally butt fucked by republicans (just to make sure you got the picture--)---so their inner-bitch is coming out, --China is doing the right thing --YEA THAT'S RIGHT--THEY ARE DOING THE RIGHT THING---in the best interest of the country AS A WHOLE---the country IS NOT READY for democracy---ITS GOING TO TAKE TIME---SLOW ASSIMILIATION--they have just come out of a pure COMMUNIST STATE--jesus, get it through your THICK PATHETIC HEADS---the memory of MAO is still over their heads---a revolution would just be subversive to the economy, people's lives, and their health---wat is so hard about understanding that? Its called sacrifice for and delayed gratification---somethign I guess is pretty foreign to us--- I guess jesus was right when he said THE MEEK would inheret the Earth--or something--uhm, yea

That is THEIR philosophy regarding what is best for their people--it takes time for people to slowly acclimatize to a new system---revolutions are bad--it would cause the whole country to go into dissarray and never gain economic prominence again--cuz a full fledged democracy could never run china--lets face it--WITH ALL THE BITCHES HERE IN THE US--AND ALL THE ARGUEING --HOW much bitching do you think there would be---if say, china would have a "democratic revolution" tomorrow? 1.2 billion people---PLEASE...it would become the biggest bitch fest in human history--the tidal forces would destroy the country---now maybe this is what everyone wants---cuz their afraid of China---but then don't come with your "HUMAN RIGHTS" bullshit cuz it makes absolutely NO SENSE--

furthermore---lol, lets get one thing straight--on the subject of America--AMERICA--- is it our right to say anything? do we think that we are MORALLY SUPERIOR? please...AMERICA has no self-respect--AMERICA--is the laughing stock of the world--we say china can't invade Taiwan---yet we invaded mexico a few years back---we say other should have more open markets--yet we are the first to seek isolation---you think that CHINA IS IMMORAL? what? CHINA IS CORRUPT? poohole---america is probably the most degenerate and corrupt country in the history of the human race-----we do the the same sick shit everyone else does + triple the sick shit everyone else does and even a whole new exponential dimention of sick shit that other nations cannot even conceive of---but we pretend we never did--however, the democrats, somehow beleive to themselves, quite comically---that the whole world has not seen this---that somehow, they think that America is thought as a moral highground? well guys--sorry to burst your buble here but your living in a delusional rainbow trip up there in the hills man (with uncle crack and LSD)--AMERICANS ARE probably viewed as the most immoral beings on the planet---cuz instead of just invading a country cuz of economic terms--NO, we have to somehow JUSTIFY to ourselves, in our minds, that what we are doing is moral--so we act moral just to get to our ends---this is probably the most IMMORAL that a person can behave like---so it comes down to the american who is stupid (who actually beleives his own crack) ---degenerate, pathetic and no self-respect (knows its immoral but justifies it as moral)--and assclown (doesn't care either way)---it is pretty frieken obvious--- especially the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA ---please---United States has sunk so so low--its kind of sad really.

-there is some shit on the internet which is downright SICK------we allow anything to go by, as far as movies, etc, etc.. and throw up our hands and say nothing, as if we can't do anything----it has gotten to such an extent--that we need to go and see "hostel" to get a high---jesus christ, I don't know any other nation who has been THAT PATHETIC in all of history---the romans were pretty faggotty at the end, but jesus--America is a WHOLE OTHER BALLPARK---well, there are some nations who have some self-respect---and even extremist islam will get angry at the disrespecting of their religion--I don't agree with killing--that is an extreme--obvcourse--but at least they are willing to fight for what they REALLY BELEIVE IN---US society has turned into the nightmare of a bunch of pathetic conformist whimps, that will let ANYTHING go by---kind of like "end of history and the last man" by fukuyama..

I concider the democrats bitches and the republicans dumb jocks---since I concider them both part of the problem I really don't care which one is in power--but between the both I would choose repbulicans cuz they at least have some respect for themselves.-

---america has taken a dive---we sell out to CHINA with our jobs cuz were greedy and lazy and THEN WE INTEND TO POLICE THEIR POLICIES? ON WHAT HIGH MORAL "GROUND" are we living on to say we have that RIGHT?---to dictate what we should do to others..

We have a strong military force--but with time, that will erode too, and then we won't have such a bid dick to whip people with---just like the soviet union---and we will collapse from within maybe.

This is probably an over-reaction---but over-reactions usually are what get people thinking---I guess liberalism was an overeaction to the shit that happened in the earlier part of the 20th century (nazi) and so on---but I don't know---maybe we should have a reaction toward "frieken policies that actually make some sense"

like capital punishment for example---its obvious that the reason we have this is not for the punishment, but for preventing the guy who rapes and kills from doing such an action again--putting such a guy in a clinic with restrains and through extrensive psychological help--is realistically impossible---there are not enough resources---so we kill such people---to prevent them from causing MORE people from being affected---ITS JUST REASONABLE..Its not fascist or pussy---IT JUST MAKES SENSE MAN, I don't know what else to tell ya.

In an ideal world, yes, everyone would have freedom of speach and health care and this, and psychological help for the perverts and rapists and we would all get along just fine having anal sex and so on---unfortunately --there are limited resources---and people must compete---why don't we accept this fact and fight in arms like brothers and competitors---instead of saying that there is some sort of "moral high" that is impossible to justify and is unreasonable and actually ends up being more subversive than just accepting the competition in the first place? and to know this, yet to ignore it, is to be irresponsible and it is the epitome of REAL IMMORALITY---cuz in not making hard decisions cuz they are "hard on the concious" even though they would save lives---makes the person not making the decision truely liable of those people's lives---HOW CAN THE ANTI-CAPITAL PUNISHMENT supporters sleep at night when they know there could be murderers and rapists that could strike again out there --because of their actions?

a good example is the movie Minority Report by Steven Spielberg---a classic example of hollywood bullshit politics---"its better to have 100 murderes go free, than have 1 innocent in jail"

what about this way "is it better to have 1000 people raped and killed, than having 1 innocent person in jail"

hey dude, I'll admit it, I would be pretty bummed that I would be sent to die or to jail if I was innocent, but hey---if that system was saving 100 or more people over me...I would be glad to die for those people (maybe including women and children that could have been raped) and respect that system more over one that let them die by turning a blind eye. The other philosophy is actually egotistical and selfish---it would mean, you would put YOUR life over 100 other people who could have gotten raped or murdered---and according to statistics---although some of them might have been mistakes--most of them will rape and kill again---lets pu the number to 40 people, no 1 person, 1 person that gets killed and raped out of the 100 prisoners who are let free--

I would be glad to give up my life especially if it was a child---for saving that person the humiliation of rape or early death. if you would not---then I guess your selfish---and amoral

NOT MORALLY "higher" than your republican counterparts---

lets be a bit more balanced and reasonable than bipolar crazy "happy" people who wake up in the morning every day.


and furthermore---going back to the example of the little girl---

it would be the equivalent of saving someone on the street and giving your life?

democrats are the kind of people who would cry and say how bad the driver was and standby as the child gets runover---and I am not saying republicans would say the same thing.

But someone I have respect for is someone who goes out there and saves the child and gets killed---

those are the heroes--in reality

obvcourse, you have to regulate anything---you can't pick extremes---nazi system is bad---those systems are bad---but liberal--let anything happen--even if my wife gets raped infront of me---is not a very good system---

even if its out of your hands---you are still responsible because you LET IT HAPPEN---and therefore doubly responsible...

not doing anything does not absolve you of the responsibility in your system. Our country has one of the highest murder records in the world---singapore? very low---if you do anything they cut your arm off---if you rape or kil;l anybody your killed.

yes, there may be some corruption---but you think there is no corruption in the United States? thare are somethings thare are unavoidable---what god has given you is free will---corruption will still exist, all that shit will still exist---how will YOU MANAGE IT---will you just standby?

that is NOT THE SOLUTION---and often those are even worst systems that dictatorships and tyrannies because you get RULES OF THE MOBS, which is basically---o, well, everyone in your neighborhood just decided they didn't like oyu---they ransack your house, humiliate you, and put you in a shack down the street and call you names every day---

its basically chaos---the antithesis of goverment--and no security---and pure injustice---with tyranies you at least have "flawed justice"---in rule "of the mobs" you don't have any justice--you just have humiliation and dog-beats-dog---if dog feels like raping, he does.

Now, if you have a decision to have a tyranny (which is not what I was advocating with my arguement on capital punishment) and this chaotic system---

which one would you pick?

if by not picking one ---the chaos would be picked by default even though its worse---would you still not pick?

between shooting a guy and a mother and 6 children--which one would you pick?

but if you did not pick---all would be killed.

are you seeing what I am talkin about now?

its just reality. If you don't face it, your worse off than if you do face the decision.


idealism is a philosophy in denial of reality---it has good intentions

but as the saying goes "good intentions pave the road to hell"

Zack Murphy

I agree with the last two blogs. Censorship in the case of China is simply a matter of national security. You can equate it with our fight against the communists in the 70's. They are simply fighting against democracy because it would destroy their nation. Just as communism would have done the same with us. There were many reports of US censorship of many communist ideas that were against democracy.

You may argue that democracy is better than their system and gives more freedom to the Chinese, which is only humane. But I would say that such a transformation with the boundless information on the internet would be too much for China. I would not work because such a system would only polarize the country and not serve to the nation's best interest. Yes, the individual would be more informed, but would they have a lower quality of life? For now, this is the best course of action. The real question, is whether China will open up its information highways once it gains more economic dominance in the world. Will it turn to democracy as a model for global policy, or will it be more autocratic. In my opinion, that is up to the Chinese to decide. Democracy in my opinion is not all that high and dandy that America has it out to be. The system is not the best, because as ICE SKATING pointed out, it could turn into a goverment of "THE MOBS," Especially such a huge country such as China. It would simply not work. Who knows, maybe China may finnally find the balance between control, security, privacy and freedom in a sociatial structure. Would we be jealous that they come up with the ultimate dominant form of governance? Meritocracy is not such a bad alternative to democracy, neither is progressive socialism. The main arguement against communism is that "nobody has any incentive to work" really? what about if its like capitalism but all the money goes back to the goverment after 100 years?...wazzam! you get incentive but also more equality since no social class can ever form and more people earn their money instead of being born into it. Only the first and second generations cound enjoy the money. So we just have to be a little bit more open minded.

Frederic Chognot

www.info-surgeres.com c'est le meilleur site du monde cree par Monsieur Frederic Chognot.

Merci l'Amerique (I thank America) !

Frederic Chognot

www.info-surgeres.com c'est le meilleur site du monde cree par Monsieur Frederic Chognot.

Merci l'Amerique (I thank America) !


screw you guys

your all a bunch of fascist socialist pigs.


as rightist and leftiest as that might sound.

no, I think that what the topic in question is the companies helping out China. What China has done is not all that bad. I mean there only Chinese. But what is surprising is that the yahoo, google and so on would actively comply with such a regime on censoring freedom of speech.

Personally I am against the matter because not only do they censor stuff about democracy and anti-communist paraphanelia (I have no qualms about that), they censor other things that they deem harmful, such as porn. They also track their users obliterating their privacy.

So, although I understand China's strategic plan to prevent dissent and keep economic fortitude and unity, it could accomplish this by censoring only what was politically senstitive, not anything they deem fit. Since the people have no information or power on the matter, the goverment could become innefficient and start doing things that are gravely against human rights just out of convenience.

So I do agree on putting a little pressure on China because I have a grain of salt against anybody who does not relinguish information to the general population. However, I do understand why they are doing it, unlike some sites which just blatanly criticize China.

Anyhow, it would be interesting to get a US spy into the police terminals of the firewall of China to see exactly what they censor on all fronts, and if they track people jeaperdizing their privacy.

If you wanted to destroy China, an easy way would be to start dissent, the US could accomplish this by destroying one of the control terminals, but that would only sever the routers and not allow any information through.

Whatever, I think China is a good country and should be admired, even if its a pain in the ass toward its people. We should just keep taps on them to see that their doing a good job...


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