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January 25, 2006



Please don't use an apostrophe to indicate the plural (it is 'CEOs').

I can think of at least one CEO who should definitely go to this session ... if half of what they say about him is true, he needs all the help he can get.

Rebecca MacKinnon

Thanks for the punctuation pointer, Peter!

Wanna name names???? ;-)

Lance Knobel

It gets more comic if you Google Dagmar O'Connor. Here's what the good "sexologist" is up to these days:

"Dr. O’Connor currently produces a 'do-it-yourself' sex therapy package where a couple works on pulling down the walls that kept them from the trust, spontaneity, pleasure and true passion that they desire. 'How to Make Love to the Same Person for the Rest of Your Life and Still Love it' includes two videos and a book. To learn how to order this package or to find out more about Dr. O’Connor’s sex therapy vacation workshops, you can call 1-800-520-5200."

So no need to go to Davos, just dial that handy 1-800 number.


Punctuation pointer Peter sounds almost sexual itself. I think I'm getting excited!


great blog - it's cool being an outsider - you can go wild. i think the wonkette style zip is good :)

the WEF blog nannies are silly - but at least they are trying - a better effort than Google in China (hello big evil, goodbye do no evil)

Martin Varsavsky

If you Google Klaus Schwab Rebecca you will see my views on him. Still in spite of my articles I was at Davos...through a loophole. It seems that the Swiss government, maybe tired that the names of a Swiss city be subject to the whims of one man, won the right to invite whoever they want to the conference. And they invited me. But Davos without the charm of Jose Maria Figueres was not the same. After attending the Clinton Global Initiative and seeing what Bill Clinton can do as a host Klaus Schwab is as entertaining as a long ride on the subway. By Friday I was Davosed out...and came back home in Madrid.


Thats Crazy

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