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January 26, 2006



... way they have a reasonable position from the users perspective (Why list stuff that users can't access), ...

Really good trick from the greenbacked monsters! :)

An analogic "reasonable position" as well:

Since the Jewish captured in the concentration camp is doomed to die by annihilation, nothing is wrong for me to provide the Nazi with cinerators for the profit of shareholders.

Why now burn dead people? What's good to keep dead body?


Why not burn dead people who can't live? What's good to keep dead body?


And the Nazi backing Google can say: Selling cinerators is a way to keep contact with the Nazi government to keep it open to international community.

Nazi Yahoo can say: Giving out the address where Jewish people is hiding is a way to keep in contact with the Nazi government to help the German people to access "information", better than killing the Jewish on spot.


Andrew S, I should say, there are different types of people. The eagles never play with crows, do they? :)

Posted by: Andrew S | January 26, 2006 at 08:26 AM

Actually, I haven't actually met anyone complaining about not being able to look at censored pages in China. People have learned to stay away from these topics anyway and are basically not that interested. If you go to a random internet cafe, university dorm etc. everybody is playing games, chatting on QQ, or occasionally checking out some news, stars, music etc

Don't think the censorship makes sucha big difference. Those who want to are able to access everything by using proxies.


I think pigs never need lives. Because in the slaughterhouses, the pigs there just eat and sleep and f..k.

Don't think the life makes sucha big difference.


Quite many Chinese minions are going outside China to enjoy liberty ensured by western countries, and try to remain China in despotism to give them an advantage to keep their despicable weak selfishness. Most of the time this selfishness shows out as nationalism and intentional lies to western people who are less aware of Chinese politics.

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