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January 12, 2006



ITAR-TASS (which does actually have a bureau in Pyongyang from the bad old days) just reported that Kim has never left the city and that it could be a family member. The AP is also suggesting Guangzhou. I'm thinking it's one of his sons wanting to check out HK Disneyland.

Brad Coley

I'm currently teaching in English in Zhuhai. I heard from the owner of my English school (the largest in Zhuhai) who is pretty well connected that Kim will be in Zhuhai later this week. Also, one of my students works for Gree Corporation which is the largest air conditioner manufacturer in China said that Kim will be visiting their Zhuhai factory either on Friday or Saturday.

In addition, he mentioned that security will be extraordinarily tight. Everyone will be searched before going to work and no cell phones will be allowed into the factory. I asked him how this compares to when a Chinese leader visits, and he said that when the Chinese Premier visited, it was "like any other day". So it sounds like Mr. Kim has some serious security concerns!

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