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February 17, 2006



Most people can't read between the lines on this issue. The truth is
much more simple. The U.S. government wants control of the internet.
That means they need to get control and leverage over big search engines.

How do you get control of search engines that are abiding by U.S. law.
Simple, draft laws that they are not abiding by. Currently Sen.
Christopher Smith (R-NJ) is drafting legislation that will put search
engines in hot water. This is all orchestrated so that the government
can get leverage over the search industry.

Let's also get one thing straight. Since when has the government cared
what U.S. companies are doing in China? And why just Google, Yahoo, and
Microsoft search? There are dozens of Fortune 500 companies that have
been conforming to Chinese regulations for years. What about them?

Conclusion: Google and other search engines will lose this fight and
evenutually be forced to hand over key information about how they
operate. Once the government has reverse engineered search ranking
algorithims, they will be able to manipulate search results at their
pleasure. People will then see the results that the U.S. government
wants them to see.

Welcome to the new world order that is controled so that people never
know the truth.

Don't believe me? Read all about it:



The US can't criticize the Chinese government for practising internet censorship really, because you know what? They are practising it themselves. Try to go to this site if your location is somewhere within the US:
It won't display, will it?
Well try it again when you're on vacation overseas, see what happens.

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