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February 21, 2006




Hope you would consider blogging on it:-

It is "highly likely" that all Chinese searches will be directed to Google.cn, a censored version of the search engine, for "practical consideration",the Beijing News said, quoting an unnamed source of Google China.



some of Philip Pan's series reports on Washington Post website have been blocked in China a few hours ago.The censors are more efficient now.

Black River Eagle

Thanks for the Heads Up Rebecca on all the stuff going on over at the Washington Post re: The Great (Fire)Wall of China. I didn't realize that Newsweek International Online "edited" the interview with you and John Palfrey of the Berkman Center. Why edit? Did you guys say something that Newsweek executive management and the corporate advertisers may not like?

If enough Chinese bloggers keep pushing from the inside and the rest of us keep pushing from the outside, the Beijing Lock on free speech and democracy in China is sure to bust wide open. Critical Mass., so to speak.


I think as you mentioned to keep preasure on China will not be effective at all! They don`t really about millions of people, they are used to it to ignore everything


Just to mention, of course we have to keep going and not to give up! Thinks can change when a regime gets new leaders as we saw in Germany for exmaple

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