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February 15, 2006



Your blog has been an excellent resource on this Online Freedom Rights act.

Thank you ! :)


becky , its a great Cut !!

The .pdf was what, I was looking for..how the heck did you get your hands on it !!


I guess it's kind of ironic that we're using more government to prevent free enterprise from obeying the laws of another sovereign nation. In an effort to rein in "tyrants" we've become tyrannical ourselves.

Lasse Andersson

Hi !

Just wanted to mention that we have similar censorship in Sweden.

There are thousands of websites that
Swedes cannot visit. They are blocked. For ALL Swedes.

When trying to reach certain pages,
one is redirected to the Swedish
Police enforcement.

Even if the meaning is to prevent people from potentially becoming a criminal, it is still total censorship for thousands of webpages around the world.

Feel free to contact either any Swedish ISP -- or any Swedish Police department.


Lasse Andersson,


There is a massive change underway in the mobile media market as it becomes unshackled from the operators’ portals that have dominated it for a decade, all without having made any significant inroads into the content use of mobile users. The new capped data packages, fuelled by further competition, will see a total revamp of the mobile media market. It will no longer be based on portals but on direct services by content and services providers via open source phones and mobile-friendly Internet-based services. The next step is the continued emergence of m-commerce and in particular m-payment services. 

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